What is an Empanada?

Empanadas are a pocketful of deliciousness!
They are much like a turnover or pastry; they’re essentially a filling folded inside of a dough, which is then served either baked or fried. Empanadas are a staple latin-american hand-held food-pocket, originating in Spain that has since made its way to all of South and Central America. Each culture has adapted them into their own unique version.

Whats special about Argentinian Empanadas

Although all empanadas are delicious, they are not all created equal! Each culture makes their own unique style of dough and fillings. In Argentina, it is common for empanadas to come in a vast variety of flavors. We use a savory flaky wheat crust and stuff them.

Made with the freshiest ingredients

We believe that fresh ingredients are the foundation of all good flavor as well as the platform for true nourishing food. We are committed to using whole foods as we stay away from processed food and preservatives. All of our dough is made weekly,

Our mission

It is our mission and purpose to spread love, joy, and nourishment through delicious and nutritious food that warms the soul. Each empanada is blessed with an intention of love and gratitude in our journey to both honor our food and everyone that has the pleasure of eating it. Food is what fuels us throughout our days, which

Plant-based empanadas

In our journey of making delicious food, it is our goal to be as inclusive as is possible with our empanada selections so there is something for everyone! We have newly released a line of 6 plant-based flavors! We formulated an all-new empanada dough for this plant-based line that tastes and feels just like our original dough. The selection of fillings include a delicious mix


Cooking is in my blood. Growing up, my mom cooked meals from scratch every single night. Very early on, I would hop on to assist doing whatever I could do: peel potatoes, bread milanesas, “washing” dishes (but actually made an even bigger mess therefore doubling the work for that task…), etc. By the time I finished high school, my interest in cooking was still at the forefront, which led me to start Culinary School. In the same week, I began as a full time culinary school student as well working in a professional kitchen full time. The seed that later on became my passion for serving quality food was planted at that time.

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